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Should Google be Able to

No description

Jessica Tresek

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of Should Google be Able to

How Google Stalks You
Google knows your daily activities
Google saves your location
Google remembers your google searches
Other personal information you give them
Why Could it be Good?
Makes Google apps work better
Adds will be more relative to you
Intantly filling in applications
There are lots of pros and cons to Google saving your information.
It is ultimatly your choice to trust Google
Should Google be Able to
'Stalk' you?

By Jessica Tresek
If Google knows what you search it can find adds more relative to you.
Google knowing your location helps certain apps work.
For convience (auto fill services)
Why Does Google Have This Information?
Why Does This Matter?
Information saved about you can be sold or legaly requested by the company to the government.
Lots of this is personal information
You have a right to privacy
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