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4.02 Identify Theme Worksheet

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Sherry Gajewski

on 30 December 2014

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Transcript of 4.02 Identify Theme Worksheet

Your wealthiness was a ticket to freedom when it came to crime just like this phrase says from poem "While crime was ignored by the money it spends". In the novel people committed murder and had affairs but because of their class status what they did didn't phrase them.
"In a decade that roared with social amends" during this time period everyone was every egocentric your class status not only controlled how people looked at you but it controlled who you hung out with and could cost you your true love.
One phrase from the poem has a direct connection to the novel and its " As moral suppression and greed declared war", Morals weren't took into consideration at all both husband and wife were having affairs. The greed aspect of the phrase has to do with the part where Daisy ran over her husband's mistress. She had so much greed on not wanting to share her husband but she too was cheating. What a hypocrite.
Secondary Source
I chose to read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. For a comparison I chose the poem The Roaring 20's by Kenn Allan.
Title of Novel choice
The Great Gatsby
, the theme is money makes the world go 'round or at least gets you moving in the right direction. Most people are very egocentric in the twenties. In the end money and class status can't buy you happiness.
Theme Statement
The Wall Street crash in 1929 foreshadows what occurred at the end of the novel.
The green light is played as a symbol that happens to shows the distance in which they are separate and how different both of their lives are. You also learn in the first chapter where Gatsby is leaning towards the green lights. He is leaning towards is hopes and dreams which is Daisy.
Chapter 4 we see how needy Gatsby is and how desperately he wants Daisy. He asks Nick to invite himself and Daisy over without letting her know. Once they run into each other at Nick's house Gatsby takes the opportunity to show her how he went from rags to riches. This is a step closer to him fixing his past of not being wealthy nor 'good' enough for her.
Primary Source
Wall Street Crash of 1929
4.02 Identify Theme Worksheet

By : Sherry Gajewski

The Roaring 20's by Kenn Allan
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