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The Liberal Landslide

Reasons for the Liberal Landslide

Jonathan Comben

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The Liberal Landslide

Module One

Britain 1906-1914 The "Liberal Landslide", 1906 Why did the Liberals win the 1906 Election? Alienation of working
class and trade unions Internal Weakness Alienation of Non-Conformists Poorly Judged Domestic Policies Unpopular Foreign Policy Conservative Failures 1906 Liberal Success The Boer War In the short term the war proved very popular Factors weakening the Conservatives War was declared in 1899 and lasted until 1902 "... it proved to be the longest, the costliest, the bloodiest and the most humiliating war that Britain fought between 1815-1914". However, with time... An attempt by the British Government to reimpose controle over two dutch speaking settlers in South Africa Significant numbers of people were against the war and questioned its morality Although thousands volunteered, 2 out of 3 were medically unfit to join The war lasted longer than anyone expected and blamed Government incompetence Embarrasment that the British Army took 3 years to defeat Dutch farmers Moral outcry with the use of concentration Camps The Taff Vale Case In 1901 a dispute broke out between theTVRC and the Railway Workers' Trade Union The Company took the TU to court over loss of earnings The HofL ruled that the Company was within its right to take the strikers to court This made it impossible for unions to call successful strikes and led to a loss of working class support for the Conservatives Chinese Slavery Chinese slave laborers were being imported into South Africa British Trade Unions feared that they may be imported into Britain and drive down wages With unemployment high in 1905 this took votes away from the Conservatives 1902 EducationAct Before 1902, Anglian and Catholic schools were funded by their local churches The 1902 Act proposed that schools would be funded
by local rates This roused the fury of non-conformists who resented paying money towards schools with which they did not agree The 1904 Licensing Act The act aimed to reduce the number of public houses Compensation measures disgusted the Non-Coms Tariff Reform Biggest policy misjudgement Introduce taxes on goods coming from outside the empire People feared higher prices of food Neglect of Social Reform Unlike the Liberals and the Labour Party, the Conservative were not planning to take a greater role in peoles lives and introduce reforms aimed at abolishing social ills Conservative Leadership Balfour Lacked politcal skill Not sensitive to public opinion Called the election in 1905 Task Using the notes you have made and the booklet provided, fill in the A3 sheet explaining how each factor led to the downfall of the Conservative Government in 1906
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