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Survey Monkey Audience Research

No description

jack liddle

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Survey Monkey Audience Research

Poster Analysis
The first poster straight away shows the conventions of posters in terms of colours used. For the poster which shows the full band line-up, it reflects the RIOT! Album because of the similar colours used within it to give the same feel for the audience. The photo however to me looks staged, this is because the band has their instruments out and ready where it appears that they’re going to play live. Sometimes this is conventional because companies use live footage for Merchandise in the form of t-shirts, jumpers etc. On the other hand it shows off the band and gives them an image to the audience so they have an appearance from a recognisable poster.
The second poster shows a collage of different live images. This would be unconventional because it would be something the fans would do. On the other hand, this would end up being a good piece of merchandise because it shows high profile gigs they've played giving the audience an overall live look and how comfortable they are live, something which wouldn't happen if the futures were staged.

Tonight Alive
The second poster is taken from an issue of Kerrang where the issue was a special featuring poster with a Christmas feel. The iconography to recognise this is represented with the Christmas hat and the Mistletoe with Jenna from Tonight Alive. The magazine wanted popular band such as Tonight Alive to get the readers interested and wanted to buy it to create the buzz surrounding the issue itself.
As well, the use of social integration is always apparent for the issues because the magazine constantly updates their accounts on different websites so the audience know what’s going to be in the issue so they get ready to go out and buy it. Also, the bands included in the issue are allowed to create hype about it as well by posting on their social networking accounts.
The poster itself creates a general tone because of her positioning within the frame of the poster, she’s dead centre of it and brought right up to the front in a mid shot to suggest that she’s very friendly and wants to do a good job of it so she’ll seem friendly to the fans. What’s striking is her stance because it seems very natural, not staged to suggest that there’s been no input by the photographer.
This poster is taken from the band’s latest merchandise release with their new album, `The Other Side`. When they released the new album, they released other merchandise as well such as badges, patches, shirts, plectrums etc. Because of this, it created a buzz among the fan base Tonight Alive has which would cause the pre-order bundles it was sold with to keep getting sold.
They've done this sort of poster before with their first album but I think they felt they wanted to give the fans something fresh so they could keep some interested in them. However the difference between posters they've taken as a complete band in the past is that they've had them taken with magazines such as Kerrang! Or Rocksound. Because of the new merchandise they've brought out for this they’d want something the audience would recognise the band as Tonight Alive. In this way social integration would work because the band and the record company would post stories on all of the major networking websites so the public would know it’s out there.
Fall Out Boy
This is the 2013 poster for fall out Boy’s 2014 European Save Rock and Roll tour. Immediately what's striking about the poster is the skeleton on fire. This could represent the overall tour for what they’re there for. Fall out Boy are a reunited band who have come back to save what their thoughts of rock and roll are. Through this thought its adds to the convention of the colours which make up the poster through the dark greens with the clashing yellow. It signifies what a definition of rock music is and for fall out boy, how they can come out of the dark and come back to do something better for what the band is.

The flags at the bottom are unconventional because they’re not normally seen on tour posters because they’re rarely seen but it gets the fans talking about the band and exited where they’ll be ready to buy the tickets for a band that hasn't had a headlining tour in their respective country for years. This would bring the fans of the band together because there are always all sorts of talk about what they’ll play so it gives the band the hype months in advance of the tour.
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