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Jack and the Bean Stalk

as told by Cassidy Crolley.

Cassidy Crolley

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Jack and the Bean Stalk

and the Bean Stalk as told by Cassidy Crolley Jack Ever since Jack was little; he'd always liked plants And he has NEVER liked cows So when it was time to sell the cow;
he was more than happy to trade for some beans...
Even if they came from a shifty old guy. When Jack returned home
after trading the cow,
his mom saw what he had done
and was so mad that
she threw the beans
right out the window. Which might have been a bad idea... Because then the beans started to grow. First the took over broken chair
in the back yard;
and soon
the whole house was covered! It grew until it reached the clouds... Infact; it grew up to a castle in the clouds;
which was eaqually covered in vines of course. In the castle lived a clumsy giant;
the type that would have sung about
smelling the bones of a english man;
if he had been able to remember the words.
He was also a very forgetful giant. He was SO forgetful
that one day he left his castle door
wide open.
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