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How is math related to gymnastics

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alina parr

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of How is math related to gymnastics

How is math related to gymnastics????
There are a lot of ways math is related to gymnastics. Such as, the average, angles, decimals, and more. We will explain to you about these relations a little more. We hope you enjoy!!!!!!
One relation between math and gymnastics is they both relate to angles. Gymnastics is related to angles because in gymnastics when you do a skill or a move/gesture you are in an angle. For example when you do a handstand your in an obtuse angle which means your in an angle larger than 90 degrees. When you are in a handstand your at 180degrees.
Lastly, math is also related to gymnastics because they both involve the average. One way gymnastics is related to the average is because when you go to a gymnastics compition you get judged by two judges and two judges come up with one score each that they think is realistic. Then they find the average of the two scores that each of them came up with.
Gymnastics is also related to decimals just like math is. Gymnastics is related to decimals because when you go to a comption you get judged and you get a score. When you get a score the highest you can get is a 10.00 and the lowest you can get is a 1.00 . Your score always has a decimal no matter what your score is. The number in the hundreths place after a decimal in your score has to be either a 0 or a 5. These are some ways gymnastics is related to decimals/math.
We hope you enjoyed all of our hard work we put into this prezi. We hope you learned some ways that gymnastics relates to math.
BY:Alina Parr and Amelia Colecchia
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