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Scars To Your Beautiful

No description

Nia Dorsey

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Scars To Your Beautiful

Scars To Your Beautiful
Artist: Alessia Cara
Year Published: 2015
Album: Know-It-All
This song is powerful because……
Sends the message that you are perfect
Everyone is good enough
No one can be perfect unless they can be accepted by themselves or by others
This song is important to society because…..
Accept people for who they are
Don’t listen to society's “perfect” stereotypes
It tells you that you don't have to change a thing and how society should change how they think.

i. Exposition
Dougherty Valley High School- Football Field, Quad, Hallway (3000 building),
Opening Image:
Girl putting on make up and staring in her locker mirror.
students, main singer.
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Overall Message
The overall message of
Scars To Your Beautiful
by Alessia Cara is that
you are beautiful
, even with your flaws. The song communicates how society projects a certain image as beautiful, for example: skinny, curves, eyebrows on fleek. Every one of these stereotypes causes the girl in the song to try and change herself accordingly to society's set image. Alessia stresses that even though society has blinded the girl of what she should be, she is beautiful inside and out and should ignore these supposedly "right" lables.
Scars To Your Beautiful

By: Nia Dorsey, Aria York, and Brennan Richmeier
First Verse: The main singer who is alone tries to be societies version of pretty by starving herself to become skinnier (video of her throwing away food during lunch, etc.).
First Hook & Chorus: The main singer takes a look at herself in the mirror and does not like what she sees. (Takes off make up, takes down pictures of celebrities in locker + mirror, etc. )
Second Verse: Main singer starts to see others going through the same struggle she was and befriends them.
Second Hook & Chorus: They all come together to sing chorus fin
Third Verse: Each of the students sing a line because they now believe and support the truth of message.
Third Chorus: Everyone is united as a whole (everyone sings last line of song)
Pieces of paper with stereotypes on them, then later we tear them, crumple them, etc.
This powerful song is about accepting yourself for who you are and not what society thinks you should be, and every single one of you don't have too change anything abut yourself to try and "fit in".Everyone is beautiful and perfect in there own way and the people that tell you different aren't the ones that care about you.
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