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Leadership Development Portfolio

Louise's Leadership Final Assessment.

Louise Araujo

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Leadership Development Portfolio

The Quick Click Race at OKM
Teach Us What You Know
Working on My Inspirational Leader Project
Watching Freedom Writers
Working on My Personal Sound Track
HIGHLIGHTS LEADERSHIP!! Leadership to me is when somebody contributes positively to the communtiy. That person thinks of what is best for everyone and for the end product. They always try to see the positive side of things. Demonstrating Leadership Community:
This summer I will be volunteering at a kids summer camp for a week
I encourage others to help the environment by being environmentally concious

Personal Life
I make new goals for my self
I challenge myself to do better
I try to get involved and help others Other Programs at OKM
This year I got involved with the Mayors Youth Forum and we talked about water concervation. I also went to a Social Justice Conference. I have contributed my ideas in events around the school as well. Individual Leadership Skills Strengths
enjoy people
concern for others
high standards
Potentials for Development

I could work on my directing abilities and my ability to present confidently. Leadership GOALS and Steps to Accomplish Them My goal is to inspire people to live their lives in a healthier more active way. To do this I plan to live that way myself and just showing people that living healthy is not hard can make them want to change. I will also help them to find ways to be more active. LEADERSHIP 9/10 By Louise Araujo
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