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on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Metabical Case Study
Agenda & Company Overview
Decision-making process and segment marketing
Metabical Communication
CSP & Metabical
International health-care company focusing on chronic and acute medical conditions
Over $25 billion in sales in 2007
Developed first prescription drug approved by FDA for "overweight" segment (BMI<30)
combines calosera and meditonan
few side effects
pricing of about $3 to $5 per day
Drug Industry
Weight loss segment
No prescription drugs for overweight segment (25<BMI<30) in 2008
OTC weight-loss drugs not approved by FDA (Alli exception)
Severe side effects and safety concerns
Deceptive marketing
CSP & its weight-loss drug Metabical?
Purchaser Decision-making Process
Segment Marketing
Identifying Differential Advantages
Communication Strategy
Recommendations and Conclusion

Decision-making process
Who is involved and Type of Involvement
Patients/Customers: (Initiator, Decider, Buyer, User)
Professional Health Care Providers (Initiator, Decider, Buyer, Influencer)
Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (Initiator, Influencer)
Metabical Marketing Teams - Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations, Sales Team
Health Insurance Companies (Influencer)

Segment Marketing
The process of aggregation of prospective buyers into segments/groups that have similar set of needs and wants and will respond similarly to the marketing action.
Segmentation of Potential
Metabical Customer
Pull advertising budget - 5% ($600,000)
Push advertising budget + $600,000
Total communication budget $23,146,000

Message & Communication Channels per Target group
Look oriented
Insurance Decision Makers
Health conscious
“Those extra 20 pounds could be killing you”. Being overweight leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and gallbladder disease. It’s time to get healthy- Metabical will help you.
Communication Channel:
- print ads in journals, e.g. Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Health
- TV ads during prime-time news & talk shows
- points of purchase displays
Communication Channel:
- print ads in journals, e.g. Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Health
- TV ads during prime-time drama shows
- points of purchase displays
“Losing weight is tough”. You don’t have to do it alone. Let Metabical start you on the road to a healthy weight and better life.
“Look your best”. Shed excess pounds with Metabical and discover a happier, more attractive you. Metabical - all you need to succeed.
Communication Channel:
-print ads in free newspapers
-Product placement in a popular show like America's Next Top Model on CW
-TV ads during drama & reality shows
-points of purchase displays
MKT 430 Summer 2013
Michelle Fitzpatrick,
Rana Jalilova,
Craig Rohlfs

“Give your overweight patients a safe alternative to fad diets and dangerous OTC drugs. Introducing Metabical - a clinically proven & FDA approved weight-loss drug.”
Communication channels:
-pre-launch, at-launch press release
-roundtable discussion with leaders in medical community
-medical research symposium
-print ads in leading medical publications, e.g. Journal of the American Medical Association
Direct marketing
Personal Selling
-Presentations & samples
Hierarchy of Effects Model
Cognitive Stage - learn
Behavior Stage - do
Affective Stage - feel
“Give your overweight insuree a safe chance to lose weight and get on track of healthy life-style. Introducing Metabical - a clinically proven & FDA approved weight-loss drug with comprehensive support program for sustainable results.”
Communication channels:
-pre-launch, at-launch press release
-roundtable discussion with with leaders in medical community
-medical research symposium
Analyze the market in terms of:
Age group: Ranges of 18-35, 35-65, 65+
Income Level: 25-40K, 40-60K, 60K+
Psychographic dimension: health conscious, look oriented
Market Segments for Metabical
Age: 18-30
Education: High School
Income Level: <$40,000
Aspire movie star looks
Health Conscious
Easy Solution Oriented
Resistant to Change
Look Oriented
Age: 35-65
Education: College
Income: $80,000+
Want to be healthier

Age: 45-65
Education: Some College
Income: $40-60K
Looking for easy weight-loss
Age: 40-65
Education: Some college
Income: $30-50K
Do not want to change

Optimal Target Customer/Segment
Criteria for choosing target market:
Segment attractiveness
Ease of access
Company resources & objectives
Age: 25-40
Education: College
Income: $50-80K
Reclaim former weight

Differential Advantages
Identifying and Employing Differential Advantages
Positioning Framework
Customer Needs
Perception of CSP’s offerings
Perception of CSP’s competitors’ offering
Allows for the examination and identification
of advantages, threats, opportunities and marketing strengths.

Competitors’ Offerings
Support Program
Easily Obtainable
Fewer side effects
Ease of use
Long-lasting effects
FDA Approved
Competitors Offerings
Customers' Needs
Kotler, Philip, and Kevin Lane Keller. 2009. Marketing management / Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller. n.p.: Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2009., 2009.
Nielsen. 2011. Trends in advertising spent and effectiveness. State of the media report.
Quelsh, John A., and Heather Beckham. 2010. “Metabical: Positioning and Communications Strategy for a New Weight-Loss Drug.” (Brief Case 4240)." Harvard Business School Cases.
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