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The Taiga

An informational presentation about the biome, the taiga.

Finn Marum

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Taiga

By Finn Marum The Taiga The taiga is biome. A biome is an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a habitat for animals that has distinct plants, animals, cultures and temperatures. What is the taiga? In the taiga, you will find Norwegian people, Swedish people, Finnish people, Suomi Gypsies, Russian people, Ukrainian people, Belorussian people, Canadian people and American people. What cultures are there? You will also find Kazakh people and Tatar people. Cultures (continued) In the taiga the lowest temperature in winter is -52C. The highest winter temperature is 1C. The lowest in summer is 1C and the highest in summer is 21. Temperature In the taiga you will find many animals. There are black bears, bald eagle, bobcat, Canadian lynx, Grey/Timber wolf, Grizzly bear, River otter and red fox. Animals Name one type of people you will find in the taiga... Nearly out of the maze... Name three animals that live in the taiga. So close... You should now know more about the great taiga.
Thanks for listening. You're out!
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