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Ford Trucks

I will talk about the trucks between the years 1973 and 1979, and a little about the engines they had.

Brent Haugen

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Ford Trucks

Ford Trucks
1973-1979 1973 These are first year of the new
body style. This style continues to
1979. 1974 This year was the first year
that Ford had a super cab.
It was also the first year
for the High Boy model. 1975 This was the first year of
the F 150. It was known
as the "Heavy Half". It
had heavier springs and
axles than the F 100. 1976 1977 This year Ford had an optional
Free Wheeling package. You got
fancy paint, different rims, blacked
out grille, and multi coloured interior
trim. You could also get a C.B. radio. 1978 This was the first year for the one piece grille. The base models came with round headlights, but square lights were available on higher end models. 1979 This was the final year for these series.
These are considered to be the toughest
trucks that Ford ever made. Ford had
two inline
engines. They were
the 250, and 300 1978-1979 For 78 and 79 Ford redesighned the Bronco. It was based on an F 150 frame. 302 This was
V8 that
had in
trucks. 351 Winsor This engine was popular in
the F 150s and was one of the
only two engines available in
the 78,79 Broncos. 360 This engine
was popular
in the F 100s.
It was
dropped in
the later part
of the 70s. 390 This engine was
popular in the F250s,
and had alot of power. 400 This engine wasnt all
that common. It saw most
use in the F100s and F150s.
It was the only other engine
available in the 78,79 Broncos,
along with the 351. 428 This was more of
an industrial
engine, seeing
more use farms and
construction sites in
1 tons and bigger. 460 This engine was used in most trucks
from the F 100s all the way to the big
1 tons. It was also popular in cars such
as the Lincolns and Mercurys. It was
discontinued in the mid 1990s. This year Ford had
a new grille and
minor trim changes.
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