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5.16 More Myths

Latin WVS 1

Jessica K

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of 5.16 More Myths

5.16 More Myths
Jessica Kastello | Latin 1 WVS
The Romans and Greeks often used myths to explain nature.
How does mythology explain spiders?

The myth warns of the danger of comparing oneself with a goddess. When Arachne boasted that she was a better weaver than Athena, Athena challenges Arachne to a weaving contest. Athena was impressed with Arachne’s skill; however, Arachne had insulted Athena’s pride, so Athena transformed Arachne into a spider doomed to weave forever. From the spider-woman comes the name for spiders---arachnids.

Why was the laurel tree sacred to Apollo?

After being hit by one of Cupid’s arrows, Apollo fell instantly in love with Daphne, an independent young huntress. Frightened, Daphne ran from Apollo and asked her father, the river god Peneus, for help. Peneus turned Daphne into a laurel tree. In mourning, Apollo gifted Daphne with eternal life, made a wreath of the tree’s boughs to put upon his head, and crafted a guitar from one of the tree’s limbs.
How did the echo come to be?

Once Hera found out about Zeus’s recent affairs on earth, Hera blamed Echo, a talkative nymph, for distracting Hera. Hera punished Echo by removing Echo's ability to talk independently; Echo could only repeat what others had just said. She hid away in caves until there was nothing left of her except her voice, ready to reply to anyone who calls her.

Where did the dew come from?

The tears of the Dawn goddess, Eos, cause the dew seen in the early morning as she flies across the sky weeping for one of her sons who was killed.

What task does Atlas perform?

After the war between Titans and Olympic Gods, the Titan Atlas was condemned by the gods to bear the heavens upon his shoulders so that the sky stays separate from the earth. For this, Atlas symbolized the quality of endurance. He also instructs sailors in navigation because he turns the heavens on their axis and causes the stars to revolve.

The Story of Spiders

Arachne claims she weaves better than the goddess Athena.
Athena and Arachne compete in a weaving contest.
Arachne had insulted Athena.

Athena condemns Arachne to weave forever as a spider.

Now, the name for spiders stems from the ill-fated spider-woman: arachnids.

Apollo Daphnem amavit, sed Daphne Apollinem non amavit.
(Apollo loved Daphne, but Daphne did not love Apollo.)
Daphne ab Apollinem cucurrit.
(Daphne ran away from Apollo.)
Cartoon Panel:
Apollo and Daphne
Daphne in arborem mutavit.
(Daphne changed into a tree.)
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