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Cloud Computing Assignment

No description

Chan HC

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Cloud Computing Assignment

Cloud Computing Introduction What is Cloud Computing? Advantages of
Cloud Computing 1.Technical Issues
Cloud computing is a technology that dependence on network connectivity. A downtime on network connection means that users don’t have access to data and applications Disadvantages of
Cloud Computing The cloud computing technology is a technology that makes convenience to us.
Its unsolved issues like data security, privacy issues and so on that might make people feel determine to use Conclusion Real Example References THE END Thank You
Q & A Research on cloud computing
Find out the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing
Find out the way how to implement cloud computing to education in Taylor's University
“Computation may someday be organized as a public utility.” – John McCarthy http://www.cloudtweaks.com/2011/02/a-history-of-cloud-computing/
http://cloud-services-review.toptenreviews.com/ Cloud computing is a model of technology that uses the internet and central remote servers which allow the user to maintain the data and applications. 3 types of cloud computing:
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud 2.Save Cost
The companies can uses the resources from the provider to store their data and applications through cloud computing. 1.Easy To Manage the Data and Information
All the data stored in the centralized location, data are more organized making it easy to manage. Advantages of
Cloud Computing
(Cont.) 2.Security
Company is storing their company information to a third- party cloud service provider and it is the risk that the company have to take. Disadvantages of
Cloud Computing
(Cont.) Individual Assignment

SWE-SEC6704 Computer System

Cloud Computing By: Chan Hok Cheong (0301387)
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