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What happens next?


Ben Rowe

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of What happens next?

What Happens Next?
A. He successfully skies down the mountain.

B. The weather suddenly changes and they are caught in a storm and cant get down the mountain.

C. He looses his footing and falls all the way to the bottom of the mountain.
A. He kicks the ball away from the posts and the wind is so strong it blows it over the post.

B.He completely misses the ball.

C. A player from the opposite team runs from the try line and kicks the ball of the tee.
A. The golfer misses the ball

B. The ball hits the bird and it dies.

C. The golfer hits the ball and it hit a car.
A. Roger goes to hit the ball and smacks himself in the face with his racket.

B. Roger get to the ball and returns it through his legs to win the point.

C. Roger trips as he runs back and collides with a linesman.
What country did the young boy go on to play for?

1. what is his name?
2. what is the name of the bearded man?
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