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RtI Refresher

No description

Christell Marshall

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of RtI Refresher


Take note of anything postive
or negative in this RtI meeting.
How many Tiers in RtI?
When do we move a student to another Tier?
How do I request a meeting with the committee?
What do you think?
Teacher Resposibilities
Provide high quality intervention for 6 weeks
Document !!
Next Steps:
Notify Adminstrator
Collect documentation and data
Attend meeting
Thinking about last year.....
Are you comfortable with the process? Why or Why not?
Need to make changes?
We'll meet on all Tier 2 and 3's
What is RtI?
Response to Instruction and Intervention
Prevention and early intervention
Systematic response a school take when students are not successful in the classroom.
RTI is a joint effort led by general education

What RTI is NOT
A road map to SpEd
SpEd is not a place – the most intensive intervention.
Only for beginning reading
Only for non-title I, non-ESL, or non-SpEd students.
An optional intervention program if schools elect to use it
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