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Site-Based Management

No description

Beth Kraemer

on 25 June 2017

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Transcript of Site-Based Management

8th Grade:
Making Decisions
Who makes the decisions in your school?
Who decides what you need to learn in each subject?
Who controls the school’s budget?
Who decides who teaches at your school?
There's not one person who does it all.
The answers to all of these questions are the principal, administrators such as the superintendent, staff, parents, and the students. All of these people work together to improve education.
How Does it Work?
All participants create a decision-making council, similar to the way your school’s student council comes together as a team to help the school. Each leader has an important part in making decisions with the goal of preparing students to reach their full potentials and address the school's needs.
Site-Based Management allows many people who make up the school community to influence what happens at the school and decide how it runs. When this method is not used, usually people who work for the state have more power in making important decisions for schools.
The Goal
Many people believe that giving schools local control will improve the educational system in the United States. When people are familiar with a specific school, their input is effective in deciding which policies should be used and determining what actions can help the school to flourish.
Watch the video that sums up Site-Based Management
Site-Based Management
Today you will learn about a method known as Site-Based Management and how it changes education.
Created by Beth Kraemer
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