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Class 1: Essential Oil Foundations

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Tammy Stewart

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Class 1: Essential Oil Foundations

Essential Oils are
"Smart Medicine"
Understanding HOW to use your oils
When in Doubt...Dilute!
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Why Plants?
Flower Oils
Thank You!
Light, Lifted, Delicate, Sparkling, Energy,
Airy, Fresh, Radiant, Focus
Melissa is a pale yellow liquid with a light, fresh, lemony scent, which gives great support to both mind and body. It is great for supporting the digestive, reproductive and respiratory systems.It can also be a great aid in skin irritations, mood issues, and sleep. Melissa oil is considered to be a Fighter of Fatigue - blend 1 drop of Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger, and 2 drops Melissa blend with 1 tbsp. of FCO. Apply to the bottom of feet, sternum, and shoulders.
Leaf Oils
Clarity, Pure, Uplifting, Fresh
Marjoram is an amazing oil as it crosses into so many of our body systems. It supports the nervous system in calming agitation; in the circulatory system it is effective with sluggishness; it supports the muscular system by helping ease aches and pains; digestive system it calms stomach spasms and in the respiratory system it aids breathing difficulties. It also opens up - Opens airways and expels mucus. As well as works to soothe and calm muscles and nerves.
Citrus Oils
Cleaning, Invigorating, Uplifting, Energizing,
Strengthening, Refreshing, Embracing
Wild Orange
Class #1:
Essential Oil Foundations

Using essential oils is fairly simple, but it can be overwhelming because of the number of oils, combinations and applications that are available.

All DoTERRA oils are labeled for type of use
Refer to the "Quick Usage Chart" in the back inside cover of the Modern Essentials Back
Skin sensitivity is the primary safety issue
Keep out of the eyes, ear canals, and nose
Dilute with carrier oil, not water
All natural carrier oil
Readily absorbs into skin
Provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores
Excellent for dry or troubled skin
Not greasy and completely soluble with all essential oils
Colorless, odorless, will not stain or go rancid
DO NOT use water to neutralize the effects of essential oils. Water often opens the pores and forces the essential oils deep into the skin layers or eyes.

DO use a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) to neutralize the effects of essential oils. If FCO is not available, olive oil can work wonders and can even be applied directly into the eye.

It is similar in nature to essential oils in that it has the ability to pass through the cell, therefore carrying further and deeper the beneficial qualities of the oil themselves.
It supplies our body with the benefit of healthy thyroid function by boosting metabolism.
It raises our energy level by going straight to the liver and bypassing the lymph system since it is in a readily absorbed and digestible form.
It reduces inflammation throughout the bowels by killing microbes that cause inflammation.
It has been found to aid diabetics with blood sugars.

Dos and Don'ts
Benefits of FCO
Suggested Oils to Dilute:
In a plant, essential oils perform many functions:
Regulates plant growth via hormones
Regulates plant metabolism
Functions as the plant's enzymes
Builds the plant's immune system
Wards off viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites, and insects.

When a plant is cut, it produces an oleo-gum-resin (and action that comes out in the form of a volatile oil, gum and resin) in the wound which initiates healing.
In each human body there is a need for hormones, metabolism, enzymes, and an immune system that will fight off bacteria, fungus, parasites and even viruses; this is also true for a plant. In the plant we find the very essential oil that provides all the benefits and because of the smaller molecule size, we too can have even greater benefit in our bodies by using these amazing oils.
"Smart Medicine" means they have the ability to see a cell and know if it is good or bad. They nourish the good cells and retard the bad ones from reproducing. Using essential oils directly at the time of injury has benefits in the healing process both with infections and also in aiding skin tissues to repair quickly and with little or no scarring.
A Closer Look at Plants
Essential oils are extracted from many different parts of the plant.
Knowing the place of harvest is beneficial to understand what part of the body the essential oil will help. For example, when needing an oil for balance and stabilization, choose a root and rhizome oil. When needing an oil for balancing hormones, choose a seed oil. Flower oils are light and delicate, so choose this oil for clarity and focus. When we learn the part of the plant used to harvest the oil, we can look at our own bodies and find connection to areas in which the oils will benefit.
The bergamot fruit is not edible because the pulp is too sour. As a result it is primarily cultivated for its essential oils. (Caution: Avoid going into the sun within 36 hours of application.) Bergamot is calming, uplifting and gives hormonal support. Bergamot is widely used to support the urinary system. It may help the body's response to infection and inflammation. Use as a wash in a bath with 5 drops Bergamot. It is also great for skin support. For a great skin tonic use 2 drops Serenity and 2 drops Bergamot blended with 1 tbsp. of FCO and apply directly to the skin.
Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang
Black Pepper
Twig Oils
Strengthening, Clear, Energizing,
White Fir
White Fir is a wonderful agent to aid in supporting the respiratory system; acting much like Eucalyptus. It can be helpful in reducing mucus. It also can be used for emotional support in calming, protecting from fears, rejuvenation and alleviating stress and anxiety. 2 drops of White Fir and 4 drops of Balance blended in 1 tsp. of FCO is great for sore and over worked muscles and joints. Blend Lemon with your White Fir to create a beautiful cleaning disinfectant.
Bark and Wood Oils
Warm, Balancing, Inspiring, Exotic
Sandalwood is rejuvenating to the nervous system; it helps support the pituitary and pineal gland. Sandalwood is much like Frankincense with high levels of sesquiterpenes. Sandalwood is a great choice for open wounds provides a non-stinging salve. Sandalwood is a wonderful aftershave for men - blend 2 drops Sandalwood, 1 drop Lavender and 1 tsp FCO, pat directly onto skin.
Rhizome and Root Oils
Earthy, Grounding, Stabilizing, Strength, Centering, Balancing, Gives Courage & Depth, Self Confidence
Two of Vetiver's greatest places of action is working with the skin and nervous system. Vetiver works to strengthen connective tissues as well as weak, loose, and fatigued skin. It is calming, balancing and grounding.

Cracked Heels Blend - 2 drops ClaryCalm, 3 drops Patchouli, 3 drops Vetiver, and 1 tbsp. of FCO. Rub into heels or cracked area, if bedtime apply a pair of socks and off to bed you go.
Resin Oils
Anti-Inflammatory, Skin, Anti-Anxiety,
Immune Protection
Myrrh acts as an anti-inflammatory. In the mouth it is effective as a tincture to infections in the gums and throat. Myrrh is often used as a "fixative" in blending oils and carries with it the characteristic of adhering things together. Myrrh is relieving to PMS. Great for fungal infections, stretch marks and wounds.
Seed Oils
Reproductive Support, Balance Hormones, Liver Function, Digestive Support
Studies have shown Fennel to be helpful in pulling toxins from the body. It has also shown the ability to cleanse the liver and help the body rid itself of viruses. Uses - draws out toxins, diabetes, arthritis/rheumatism, urinary tract infections, fluid retention, intestinal parasites, hormonal balance, menstruation problems/PMS, and digestive problems. This oil has been known to bring in more breast milk for nursing mothers.
*** All information obtained from the Continuing Education Series ***
Other oils that may cause skin sensitivity and need to be diluted:


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