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RtI Wrap Up

A look at where MHS has been and where we are going with Response to Intervention

Krista Sherman

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of RtI Wrap Up

RtI Where we
were The Past The Present The Future Why
Counts DATA Introduced to RtI
Created RtI Leadership Team
Catergoized interventions already in place
Learning about and using DI Where we
Are Going? 3 main goals for 2010-2011
Vocabulary & literacy
Addressing behavior Where we Are Now RtI team piloting content area & vocabulary strategies
MS assessing students 191 8th graders screened 3 minute timed
grade level passage Every 7th word removed and 3 choices given Comprehension RCBM MAZE Only Tier 2 & 3 tested Reading Fluency 3 one minute grade level reading passages Children of the Code
Emotional Danger Secondary Literacy Word Study--advance decoding: breaking the word up to readable parts
Fluency-- the reading rate & accuracy: AIMSWeb Data--146wpm for 8th grade
Vocabulary--the use & understanding of words
Comprehension--understanding what is read
Motivation--the want to read Children of the Code
Academic Danger Vocabulary Focus on explict vocabulary instruction
Research based programs
Prefixes & Suffixes Poll Everywhere Fact or Crap? RtI stands for Response to Individuals

RtI is a systemic change. Fact or Crap?
RtI focuses only on special education students.
The target is for
Tier 1 is 60% Mason has many intervetions in place. Fact or Crap? Fact or Crap? Fact or Crap? DI is not part of RtI.

Fact or Crap? Reading course offered! Fact or Crap? RtI focuses
only on

School Improvement End of the Reading Questions Who did the explores from Portugal discover in Brazil? Where did Portuguese establish sugar cane plantations? Who did the plantation owners turn to for labor?
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