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RISD 6 Year Plan

No description

RISD Guidance and Counseling

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of RISD 6 Year Plan

The focus is changed from course selection for next year to educational planning throughout secondary education, and beyond.

Class selection becomes an integral part of education rather than a once a year event.
Planning for all six years at one time, on one page, makes the flow of subjects clear.

It also helps ensure that a required class is not forgotten.

6 Year Plan

annual preregistration for next year’s secondary classes,
educational goal setting,
long term planning and college/career preparation and
roll them into one program –
then add 24/7 online access throughout the 6 years of secondary education and . . . .

You have RISD’s new 6 Year Plan!

Here are just a few of the positives:
What is it?
It becomes easy to see that taking credit classes in junior high will allow more electives in high school.
Change your mind?

Change your plan.

Any day. Any time.
Plan for 6 ~ Register for 1
But I have
Q: Online? But I don’t have internet access at home!!

A: No worries!
Your child can print it and bring it home for you to review
Use a computer at the public library
Use a smart device
Q: I’m not tech savvy, what if I need help?

A: You’ve got it! The Guidance & Counseling website will go live by February 10. It will have everything you need for the 6 Year Plan - including tutorials, both written and visual.
Q: What if I make a mistake?

A: Your counselor has your back! Each student’s counselor will personally review each and every plan when you’re finished.
Q: How do I approve the plan?

A: The program will email parents a notification to approve the plan electronically OR a copy can be printed at school or home to be signed.
Q: This sounds like a great plan! When can I get started?

A: Soon! Here's the timeline:
January 2014

Counselors begin reviewing the graduation plan, secondary courses, and program information with students and parents.
February 10

6 Year Plan opens in RPortal. Students and parents enter courses throughout each year of the 6 Year Plan.
February 28

2014-2015 courses in
6 Year Plan are no longer available for students to change. Courses for 2015-2016 and beyond will remain open for changes.
And now,
get ready to...
Enjoy using the 6 Year Plan!
Coming February 10
to a computer near you
Brought to you by....
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