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Social Networking Scams

No description

Aliyah Sweeney

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking Scams

Identity Theft What Is Identity Theft? When someone else pass themseleves off as somebody different by stealing idenities on and off the internet How my identity got stolen! I wasn't paying attention to what I was posting on my social networking website
and I put to much information about myself. My profile had my birthday, my location, my phone number, and other personal information about me and my family. One day I recieved a message on facebook about a website containing a picture of me that I never heard of so i decided to click on the link. But I needed to loged back into my facebook account if I wanted to see the picture of me. I had second thoughts about it because I was log into facebook few seconds ago.. I thought to myself is logged out on its own. So i signed in again which was a big mistake I ended up putting my facebook email and password into the fake website. Which is known as phising which most identity thieves use for online identity theft. I should of listened to my conscious, but i didnt! Never Will I Click On Random Websites Again! Profile Page Hacks Criminals to create their own phony profiles that ask for your username and password to hack you page. Happened to my sister. She went to a fake myspace link by accident instead of checking the address bar to see if it was the real myspace account. Her page was now opened to a hacker and changed everything on her profile, posting pictures, sending messages to friends, and changed her display name. She Felt Completely Stupid! Now my sister makes sure to look at the address bar to prevent her page being hacked again from a scammer.
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