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History of soccer uniforms.

No description

Ajwad Islam

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of History of soccer uniforms.

It is worn on the whole body
The history of men soccer uniforms.

Soccer uniforms are vital to the sport.
They make movement easier and are stylish.
Soccer uniforms were first made in the 1900s.
Time period: 1950s
It had light-weight synthetic fabrics and short sleeve V-necks.
Time period: 1930s
It was collared rugby-style shirts. It was made to be comfortable.
It is worn when a game starts or for casual uses.
You can see people wearing soccer jerseys worldwide!
Time period: 1980-now!
It now has brands on it such as Adidas, Nike, and Jordan.
The soccer uniform has become more comfortable and versatile over the years
People wear soccer uniforms to show their team they are on or support!
I chose to research this since I like soccer.
I think the soccer uniform will have more brand names and be more colorful
Work Cited
History of the soccer uniform goldenshoesmovie.com
copyright 2014
Soccer Jersey History
copyright 2014
Author-Wiel Coerner
Made by Ajwad
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