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What's Swiss Chard Got To Do With It?

No description

Elena Maans

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of What's Swiss Chard Got To Do With It?

• In its fourth year, space, fencing, mulch,
• Goedert Center plant sign making
• Tours with childcare center, local schools, local gardeners (Root Riot and Harambee)
• Donations of plants and garage sale finds during first two years
• Small budget, big heart
• Environmental Chemistry Class soil sample
• Association with OPRF Food Pantry
• Local Press coverage
• Garden story on the sustainability page at DU
• National Wildlife Federation Case Study
• Caritas Veritas Symposium Panel
• Prepare students for service weekend at a Catholic Worker farm in Iowa.

Community Involvement
Dominican University faculty, staff, students and alumni
Trinity Volunteers
Neighborhood synagogues
Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory
OPRF Food Pantry
Why we do this!
Questions, comments, fun recipes?
Not so much success....
Adopt-A-Plant program
No volunteers from food pantry
What's Swiss Chard Got To Do With It?Sustaining our community with veggies, hard work and community engagement.
Monica Halloran, MSOL, Director of Academic Programs for School of Leadership and Continuing Studies

Felice Maciejewski, MLS, University Librarian

Elena Maans, MLIS, Administrative Assistant to Buildings and Grounds/Sustainability Coordinator

Aligns with University tradition and mission
Wine and Weeding
Compost collection/usage
Recipe sharing
University Mission: As a Sinsinawa Dominican-sponsored institution, Dominican University prepares students to pursue truth, to give compassionate service and to participate in the creation of a more just and humane world.
Garden Mission: The Dominican Vegetable & Herb Garden is a collaborative effort between students, faculty and staff, designed to create an outdoor teaching and learning laboratory for promoting sustainability, local food sourcing and community building.  Its vision is to grow and share fresh food with its garden partners; promote healthy food issues in our communities; raise awareness of hunger issues; and share excess produce with the local community in need through established existing venues.

First collective initiative
Cross over of volunteers
No individual plots
Leading example for other projects to follow
Compost collection
"Working in the garden grounds me.."
"For me its a safe haven or oasis...."
Future Plans
Seed sharing with other gardens
Utilize campus greenhouse to start plants earlier in Spring
Encourage native plantings on campus landscape
"Our clients have been delighted with Dominican University's contribution of fresh vegetables and herbs. Not only do our clients appreciate the produce, but they comment on what a caring community it is to share the fruit of its labor. It feels like a special gift."
Michele Zurakowski, Executive Director of the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry
"Its fun, I can get my hands dirty..."
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