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The Illuminati

No description

Melanie McFeeters

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Illuminati

The Illuminati and it's Subliminal Messages ukbuhi
What is the Illuminati? This was an episode of the Simpsons that
aired on television in 1993. Many believe it
is a subliminal message for 911. The "All Seeing Eye" is one of
the most favored of the Illuminati
symbols. It appears on the American
dollar bill. Right underneath the pyramid/eye
symbol are the words, " Novus Ordo Seclorum". When translated it means, " a new order of the ages". The Illuminati conspiracy is a conspiracy theory which is said that there is a "global elite". It is believed that society is either in control of the world, or is attempting to take control of the world. As with most of the conspiracy theories, there are beliefs regarding the Illuminati conspiracy. As a result, it is pretty much impossible to give a summary of the Illuminati conspiracy. With this becoming very popular in recent books and movies, the Illuminati conspiracy has absolutely reached
"cult fiction" status. Note: Cult Fiction is a fiction that attracts a large number of fans and supporters. What is the Purpose of the Illuminati? The purpose of the Illuminati is to establish a " One World Government/ New World Order. Also to establish the ability to gain control of each and every person through means of mind control. How are they doing this? The Illuminati are hiring secret actors and producers
to secretly slip in subliminal messages in our everyday
t.v shows/magazines etc. By doing so, they are wanting our
subconcious minds to pick up the messages. They are
wanting to "brainwash" us. Brainwashing is to
make one have a new
attitude and to have
new beliefs CBS NEWS NICKELODEON FAMILY GUY This is one of the most popular Illuminati symbols. It is called, "The Star of David". It is believed that if one was to place this star over the map of the world, every point on the star that is on a certain place, a disaster is supposed to happen. THE END subliminal messages Important Symbols
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