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Copeland Discus III Field replacement-FINAL

Working layout

gregg slayton

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Copeland Discus III Field replacement-FINAL

Discus II
Same service valve connection sizes
Select the proper replacement
Identical mounting connections
Electrical drop-in UL equivalent with the same terminal box and mounting features
Same sight glass general location
Prepare in simple steps.
Ensure that all Discus III components go back on the Discus II
Terminal box transfers to the
replacement compressor

CoreSense™ Protection
module transfers directly to
the replacement compressor

If your Discus III compressor has
Demand Cooling, replace Demand
Cooling with new mounting bracket
Getting the compressor back on-line
What you should know when you restart the compressor

Confirm that the CoreSense module
is installed correctly

Verify the wiring is correct

Ensure service valves are open
Get more information
For more specific information on a Discus III to Discus II field replacement click the link below.

An industry workhorse
For more than 30 years the Copeland Discus semi-hermetic compressor has been providing the best performance the market has to offer. Discus compressors have kept refrigeration systems running smoothly for generations.
New Discus III Generation: 4D, 6D
Standard global design

Optimized for next
generation refrigerants

Designed to accommodate
varying methods of
capacity control

Electronics onboard

The new Discus III 4D and 6D compressors requires a new replacement strategy
Since this is a new product there is not an installed base to provide bodies for remanufacturing.

Replacements of current Copeland Discus III compressors will be made with the previous generation Discus II model.

Using Discus II as a universal replacement for these models provides a higher level of service and product availability.

All required kits for Discus III service replacements will be at no charge.

Several new Discus III have been released which require a Discus III service replacement.

An even swap for reliability and performance
When you replace a Discus III with a
Discus II you will get the same efficiency,
same capacity, same reliability.

While the bodies of the Discus II and
Discus III compressors may look
different, the CoreSense Protection
and Communication electronics remain
with the system.

Discus III
Identify the failed compressor model number
Use these helpful tools as a guide to finding the correct model.
Discus III to Discus II Replacement Guide
Copeland Mobile and X-Ref mobile apps
Effective August of 2013, Emerson began installing a universal mounting bracket on all Discus II compressors that accommodates the CoreSense™ Protection module.
Was there a head fan?
(head fan mounting kit needed)
Do you need Demand Cooling™?
(low temp mounting kit needed)
Does the compressor have unloading?
(unloader coil kit needed)

You must include all 15 letters and numbers.

This is necessary for finding the correct replacement model number.

Sample model number replacement page
Application Bulletin AE-1389
Contact us for more information
Emerson Authorized Full-line Wholesaler
Distributor locator link
Emerson Climate Hotline
24/7/365 inventory locator support
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