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Battles & Tactics - Ancient Roman Warfare

A study of Roman warfare, battles, weaponry, and tactics.

Christopher Pickard

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Battles & Tactics - Ancient Roman Warfare

Battles +& Tactics - Ancient Roman Warfare Battles The Battle of Cannae - Italy - 216 BCE
The Battle of Metaurus River - Metaurus River, Italy - 207 BCE
The Battle of Zama - Tunisia - 202 BCE
The Battle of Cannae - Italy - 216 BCE The first Punic War (264-241 bce) The First Punic War was started when mercenary soldiers in the city of Messana (now Messina), in Sicily asked for help from both Rome and Carthage, against Hiero II, king of Syracuse. The Carthaginians already controlled part of Sicily, so Rome agreed to help the mercenaries, in the hopes of driving the Carthaginians from Sicily, this provoked war. The Romans built a large naval fleet, and defeated a Carthaginian fleet, but did not take Sicily. The war was fought around both North Africa, and Sicily, primarily Sicily. Eventually the Romans defeated the Carthaginians and took Sicily, and even the Carthaginian islands of Sardinia and Corsica. The second Punic War (218-201 BCE} The Second Punic War began when a Carthaginian general, Hamilcar Barca, from the First Punic War devoted his life to building up more Carthaginian forces in Spain, to make up for the loss of Sicily in the First Punic War. His son, Hannibal, rose up and became commader of an army, he started the second punic war by capturing a spanish city allied with Rome. Eventually, Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal joined him with more forces. The war led to Hasdrubal's demise, and the end of Carthage as a superpower. The Battle of Cannae, took place during the Second Punic War. Rome was held up near the small villiage of Cannae, Italy, the Carthaginians, including Hannibal himself, attacked. The Romans had 50, 000 soldiers, Hannibal and his forces were severely outnumbered. Hannibal was a tactical genius as proved with the victory he achieved.
The Battle of Metaurus River - Metaurus River, Italy - 207 BCE The Battle of Zama - Tunisia - 202 BCE Sources
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http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?hid=122&sid=4762254f-939d-4fb3-ac40-17a7f64349ed%40sessionmgr114&vid=9&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=khh&AN=12443411 info

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