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“Double Trouble” at UW Madison

No description

Erin Klosterkemper

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of “Double Trouble” at UW Madison

My Journey to End Animal Experimentation
"Double Trouble"
Double Trouble’s health was rapidly declining and the wounds around the posts were infected and not healing
Experiment was deemed a “complete failure” and she was killed
After death scientists cut off her head to examine further into her brain
The reason behind experiments like these at the University of Wisconsin Madison is because it would “Keep up a productive publication record that ensures constant funding.”
“Double Trouble” at UW Madison
For decades countless cats have been contained, cut into, tormented, and later killed
Double Trouble was an orange Tabby cat that was a victim of horrific tests
Subjected to several surgeries on her ears, brain, and skull
First operation steel posts were screwed into her head so she would be motionless during experiments
Second surgery toxic substances were injected into ears to deafen her and electrical devices were implanted in her ears as well
Records show that the anesthesia wore off during this surgery while they were cutting into her skull
After this surgery she was put through other experiments where they bolted her head in place and put her in a nylon bag and made her listen to different sounds coming from different directions
Daily Activities
What I Hope to Gain
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