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Kashmir Conflict


Luis Ferretiz

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Kashmir Conflict

Luis Ferretiz Kashmir Conflict Indian and Pakistani Desires Kashmir Conflict Summary Length of the Kashmir Dispute The conflict over Kashmir has been going on since 1947, when Pakistani armed forces crossed the territorial border of India and attempted to seize the region of Kashmir, causing the start of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947-48. India- India still holds claims to Kashmir because

Pakistan- Pakistan still holds claims to Kashmir because that region After British rule in India ended in 1947, the region was split into Pakistan and India, with the majority of the Muslims migrating into Pakistan and with the Hindus staying in India. Causes This conflict running over a half century happened because of the decision made by Kashmir officials to join India and its territory. Pakistan reacted with such a hostility because the majority of the Kashmir people were Muslim (like Pakistan), and they believed that they should have kept in mind their geographical position and religious makeup, which matched Pakistan's more than India's. Kashmir Conflict Summary The regions of Kashmir and Jammu joined India, enraging Muslim Pakistan because the Pakistanis stated that the sovereignty of Kashmir was basically made up of Muslims, since the majority of the population was. Multiple wars have been waged over it ever since. Attempts at Resolution Besides the several wars and attempts at forceful takeover, the two nations have suggested diplomatic solutions that have all ended in failure so far. These include solutions such as Kashmir joining a nation, becoming an independent state, and splitting the people of the area and sending them to their nation of preference. Resolution The closest thing to a halt in the conflict were short and numerous cease fires that have silenced open warfare, but has failed to kill public unrest and protests. Resolution has escaped the two states for more than 60 years, with each proposed solution having a flaw in it that could increase tensions. Justifications
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