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Team 3 Strategic Communication Plan

Our proposal to bridge the gap between athletics and academics and provide a sustainable way to improve the communication strategies of both

Brittany Engle

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Team 3 Strategic Communication Plan

Team 3: Strategic Communication Plan It's all in the numbers Why you should care what are the stakes? how the need was met
can you Picture this? Where this is going Web Traffic Numbers GoRedFoxes.com Marist.edu Athlete Bio Links Alumni "Where They Are Now" Recruiting Packet By the numbers Unique visitors by month in this year:

01/01/10 40,914
02/01/10 42,036
Total hits so far this year:

01/01/10 359,181
02/01/10 385,855
Who we are Qualifications: internships
study abroad
honor societies
Becton Dickinson, Classic communications,
FILMINK Magazine, Major League Baseball Australia, Italy Women's Basketball, Advertising club, Fashion, INC. Alpha Chi, Lambda Pi eta, honors program Baccalaureate award, intern of the year, Dean's list Total hits so far this year: Jan. 2010 - 359,181
Feb. 2010 - 385,855 Students Faculty/Administration Capping projects (Blogs & Videos)
Future Bloggers & Student projects new developments
COMMARTS achievements
school messages Research
Secondary research
Marist College Strategic Goals School goals
Class goals
Team goals PR Case Studies/Focus Group informal interviews
quantitative research Dean's memo (alumni) - "I love the idea of having a 'Where they are now' section. I know it would have helped me network a lot better if something like this would have been available when I was a senior." OBjective III/Initiative VIII - "Explore using cyberspace to provide community-building opportunities for alumni" Audience Tactics External - Local community/fans, Prospective students (recruits) Internal - Current students/student-athletes alumni Athlete bio links
Recruiting packet
Alumni Information Sustainability
implementation of alumni tactic
Google analytics
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