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No description

Christopher Poole

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of FINAL VERSION TEAM AWESOME Presents: Kelly Services

Presented by:
Abby Smith, Christopher Poole, Hayley Marker, John Perry, and Taheisha Harris Overview Position
Board of Directors
Top Management Team
Outside Investors
Mission and Vision Mission
To look to minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses as strategic suppliers and provide development, growth and revenue opportunities Vision
Create "real opportunities" for diverse suppliers as we design and deliver solutions to our customers Challenges
Economic downturn External Analysis Dominant Economic Characteristics
Five Force Analysis
Driving Forces Analysis
Key Success Factors
Competitor Analysis
Industry Attractiveness
Summary Dominant Economic Characteristics
Overall Market Size
Number of Rivals
Scope of Competitive Rivalry
Degree of Product Differentiation
Supply and Demand Conditions
Pace of Technological Change Five Force Analysis

Rivalry Among Competing Sellers
Threat of New Entrants
Supplier Bargaining Power
Buyer Bargaining Power Driving Forces Analysis
Environment Competitor Analysis
Strategic Group Map
Manpower, Inc.
Randstad Holdings Internal Analysis Strategy Identification
Performance Appraisal
Qualitative Assessment
Quantitative Assessment
Competitive Strength Assessment
Resource and Capabilities Assessment
Value Chain Qualitative Assessment Quantitative Assessment $5,517,290 $-1,202,490 $635,500 Resource and Capabilities Matrix R1. Human Resources
R2. Location
R3. Human Capital
R4. Finance
R5. Technology
C1. Operations
C2. Business Model
C3. Marketing 10 9
10 10
9 8
9 6
9 8
9 8
9 9
9 10 R2 R1 C1 R3 R4 C2 R5 C3 Resource and Capabilities Map Summary Analysis SWOT TOWS Competitive Strength Assessment Implementation Execution Plan Stakeholders Impact ? Questions Critical Issues Large and competitive Industry
Lack of differentiation
Declining Financials
Size of market share Recommendations Implement web-based training seminars
Enter into new contracts and new partnerships Strategy Identification Corporate level strategy
Business level strategy
Functional level strategy
Key Success Factors Technology
Skills and Capabilities
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