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Tips for Healthy Living

No description

Krissy Sheedy

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Tips for Healthy Living

Start Now!
Name words that have to do with hygiene!
What is Personal Hygiene?
How do I stay fit and healthy?
What's Inside the bag?
Skin Care
Last item in the bag...

Sun Can damage our skin if we aren't protected
Face Washing!
Tips for
Healthy Coping
Stay Organized
Find something you love
And let it distract you
Smile, Laugh, and Be With Friends
Get Enough Sleep
What Causes You Stress?
What is Stress?
Long term health effects
Hard to focus
Brain doesn't function
Mood is hard to control
What Should we Pack?
Martha is a thirteen year old girl in junior high. Every morning she wakes up at seven o'clock to get ready for school. When she gets up, she goes downstairs to eat
, which consists of
yogurt, granola, some berries
and a glass of
. When she is done her breakfast she goes up stairs to
wash up
and get changed. After she washes up she comes back down and packs her bag for school. In it she packs a
water bottle, a sandwich, fruit cup, juice box, chips and dunkaroos
for a snack. At school she goes to class, included in her day is a
gym class
where she and her class mates play basketball. After school when she gets home she has two
for a snack and watches
till her parents get home. When her parents get home, she eats a
stir fry supper
with them, helps clean up, and then works on her homework. When she is done her homework she goes to bed.
What are some things Martha did well, and what are some tips you could give her to help her live healthier?
- Breakfast
- Washing up
- Gym Class
- Sandwich
- Fruit Cup
- Water Bottle
- Chips
- Dunkaroos
- TV
- No exercise at home/after school
- Cookies
- Not washing up before bed
Larissa Onyschuk, Krissy Sheedy, and Cody Thompson, 3rd year Nursing students, MacEwan University
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