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Bolton School Presentation

Linking Audience to Learning

David Mitchell

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Bolton School Presentation

Why Blog? What's next? Heathfield's Audience Power of
Audience Impact Guatemala Australia (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Germany (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr By David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell) Engaging Pupils Make learning cool Raising standards Engaging yourself Doing something
different Desperation Motivating pupils Tackling underperformance Breeding competition My Priorities Make learning cool Desperation Engaging myself What I thought would happen

* Build it and they would come

* Pupils would be patient

* Parents would flock to the blog

* Pupils would drive traffic What actually happened...

* I built it... No one came!

* Pupils were NOT patient!

* Pupils didn't get it!

* I had to be more proactive! How I built Heathfield's Audience

* Twitter: 50 followers to 5800

* My own blog to showcase best bits

* Class Twitter Account - @Year6Class

* Texts to parents

* Local newspaper Web 2.0 tools that helped engage

* www.wallwisher.com
* www.audioboo.com
* www.coveritilive.com
* www.photopeach.com
* www.voicethread.com
* www.primarypad.com
* www.bitstrips.com Some examples of audience impact on learning/engagement 3 types
impact Attainment Jump

Before blogging...
9% Level 5 Writing

After 12 months...
60% Level 5 Writing


2010 leavers made 6.6 points progress in writing
That's 2 years progress in 12 months

2011 leavers made 6.0 points progress in writing
That's 2 years progress in 12 months

2011 SEN pupils (8 of them) made 8 points progress in writing.
That's nearly 3 years progress in 12 months!

2012 leavers made 5.2 points progress in writing in 12 months The IMPORTANT stuff!

It's changed their life chances!

"Blogging has changed my life" Binyameen

"Blogging has taken me from the detention room every lunchtime to standing in front of you guys at BETT, the biggest ICT show in the world." Thomas

"Blogging has changed the relationship between me and my Dad!" John

"Blogging has made writing my favourite hobby." Fern

"Blogging has shown me that I really love learning new stuff." Maryam Evolution - Pupil Led

Project Blogs?
Individual Blogs?
QR Codes!
Whatever the pupils want! QR Codes: Quadblogging


50,000 pupils
1500 classes
35 countries Blog the Leap Year


Stripping down the barriers
to blogging Do we have time?

Let's look at some
CRACKING examples

My Blog
www.asksir.co.uk Linking learning to audience Deputy Head Teacher - Heathfield Primary Bolton Tip Really
Huge This is a huge mountain Problem! Attitude Behaviour Issues Not cool to learn Predicted levels = serious problems! Society Parents Siblings Housing Cultures Aspirations www.AskSir.co.uk
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