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Maria Acosta`

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of CrayCray

The Dream Sound We are going to add some
glass plasma lighting displays. Lighting Artificial fog Machine Extra We will have a bar for non-alcoholic drinks Overall Design of Venue
Outcome Due to the popularity of our club, we need fine high leveled security to stop intruders and riots breaking out. High level security Adding amplifiers that incorporate a heavy base around each angle of our venue will keep the audience's energy level at its peak. Electricity Using pyramidal diffusers can eliminate HVAC During the day we have built in solar panels on the roof of the club. The energy that they consume during daylight is used at night when the concerts usually start. There is electricity flowing through the building but we would like to prevent on using it as much as possible. We save money which can be put into upgrading the venue and also it is eco-friendly. Using a thermal paste, we can prevent overheated electronics. Strobe light
Lasers (colorful) We will have water mist from the ceilings sprayed for 15 seconds for every hour. Not to strong-
we do not want
to blind the audience They will also be in different colors ALPHA 900 -Designed specifically with
clubs and discos in mind

-this party special effect
combines high output
with LOW price handhold remote control connected to the fogging unit by a 9m power cord weighs less than 5 kg! keep audience hydrated We will have Frank and others cleaning support help keep our venue looking great Sanitation Different sent: Piña Colada, Tropical, Strawberry, Mint or Chocolate. Music Heads Will Roll
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