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Healthy Lifestyle

No description

Nathan Li

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and Fitness
Exercise and Fitness means having a right amount of daily physical activities(light, moderate and vigorous)
A balanced diet
A balanced diet is when an equal and healthy amount of each food group is obtained at mealtimes
What foods should I avoid?
The foods you should be avoiding are fast foods like Mcdonalds, KFC etc.

Eating healthy

A balanced diet(con.)
Meat and Dairy take up some space, which means you should have less meat and dairy on your plate than grains and veggies
What foods are good for you?
There are tons of foods that are good for you, for example: carrots, peas, fish, potatoes, etc.
Healthy Lifestyle
Eating healthy means maintaining a balanced diet, knowing what foods are good for you,and knowing what to avoid.
But you may ask, what is a balanced diet, which foods are good for me, and what foods do I avoid?

For example. the picture below
From what the picture tells us, vegetables and grains take up most of our diet
And Foods/Drinks with high sugar level should either be minimum, or none at all
You should also be avoiding foods with high sugar/fat levels. For ex: potato chips, ice cream CANDY. etc
There are also some healthy alternatives for snacks.
For ex, fruits, yogurt(not greek) celery stalks with ranch, carrots with ranch, etc.
Here is a bigger version of the plate in circles 3-4
Pic made by Devin Han Lin
Pic of a squid

Examples of Exercise
There are 3 types of exercise, light, moderate, and vigorous
Light exercise is like doing chores, walking, jogging, and yoga, etc.
Moderate exercise is running, swimming, cycling, etc.
Vigorous exercise is playing a team sport, sprinting, and so many others.
What is an exercise you can do every day?
Some examples of an exercise you can do everyday, even with a tight schedule, is push-ups and curl-ups.
You can do as many as you like and can,even within a tight and fast running schedule.
What is self-management?
Self_management, for ex,how can we cope and deal with stress?
How can the media influence us positively?
And, of course, how can we make the right choices?
How can I cope and deal with stress?
There are many different ways to cope with stress, but some aren't as effective as others
Eating something you like, for example,a candy bar, can calm stress temporarily, but it isn't as effective as some other methods. It can also develop obesity and eating disorders.
Being aggressive or shouting at someone can make YOURSELF feel better, but probably not others
In the long run, these methods are not as effective as others
How can I cope and deal with stress? (con.)
An effective way to cope with stress is reading a book, talking to other people, or watching something funny
These are good, effective methods for coping with stress
How can the media influence us positively?
The media can influence us in both ways, positive and negative
An example of a positive media influence is of people helping other people.
How can we make the right choices?
To make the right choices, you have to think about what is good for you
For ex, you can choose whether to study for a test or play video games
You can choose between chips or celery
The choice is yours
Making the right choices(con.)
As you may know, making the right choices can be easy or difficult
It can be as easy as choosing between a high paying job or a low one
Or as difficult as choosing between basketball or golf
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