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Vanderfield: A Glimpse of the Past

Looking back how the legend of Vanderfield started.

Vanderfield PtyLtd

on 22 August 2012

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Transcript of Vanderfield: A Glimpse of the Past

VANDERFIELD A Glimpse of the Past TOOWOOMBA Founded in 1963 by GORDON VANDERSEE DYNATHRUST From humble beginnings, with skilled leadership, guidance and sound management practices, Vanderfield has become a successful and formidable company. With nine branches in total now situated in key farming and commercial localities, growth has been dynamic.

This is reflective of our strong commitment to meeting the needs of our customers with close partnerships and ongoing support. Expansion occured in the ff areas: 1970 GATTON 1982 GOLDCOAST 2005 LISMORE 2009 CHINCHILLA 2008 ROMA 2008 ST.GEORGE 1982 DARWIN 1999 KUNUNURRA 1999 Queensland Northern
Territory Western
Australia South
Australia New South Wales The 9 Branches AUSTRALIA Milestones and Vision BRUCE VANDERSEE With so much history, so much experience, so much committment behind the name your future prosperity can be assured in partnership with VANDERFIELD
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