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TFEM Five Year Strategic Plan

No description

Nick Hall

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of TFEM Five Year Strategic Plan

EM Snapshot
Educational Landscape
KS2 results vary between 59.7% (Northants 13.5% gap) and 71.2% (Derbyshire) against 80% NA
Except Leicester and Nottm, all LAs have larger than 27.5 national gap in GCSE attainment
25 schools where FSM pupils attainment below 40% and gap larger than 15%. We work with 14 of them.
KS5 EM average of 8.1% gap in attainment of AAB. Nottm is 14.3%.
311 (19.2%) eligible Primary, 54 (18.9%) eligible Secondary. Contestable figures due to mergers and 'Lincolnshire Drift'
The Region
Socially disparate - 5 counties, 10 LAs
Multi-cultural urban centres, rural 'shires', post-industrial, advanced engineering
Northants not on EM Today
UKIP surge in Lincolnshire, second party in council
Unemployment 7.8% (8.1%),
Nottingham poorest in UK
Increasingly progressive education bodies
Challenges beyond school
7520 NEET, highest in urban centres. Regional 4.8% second lowest in country. In Lincs only 4%, with 16.9% activity unknown
Coastal Lincs, North Notts and cities are only areas in quintile 5 of MDI
In Leicester/Nottingham 7.9/6.1% adults have never worked - around triple the regional average
In Lincs 7% FSM pupils enter HE, 36% non-FSM
Strategic Partnerships
The Mighty Creatives
'Where young people and adults work together to make extraordinary things happen'
Collaborating on 'The (Cultural) life of the Child' summit series
Debates on well-being, integrating children's lives with culture
Identifying strategies to increase collaboration beyond cultural sector
Cross-sector knowledge, innovation and skills development
POI from which I can lead and learn
Partnership can be developed nationally
Significant scope to shape children's lives in the region
Establishment of regional identity
Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham
'Ensuring that all pupils succeed and thrive in school by raising aspirations and tackling disadvantage'
I have just become a MAT Director
12 eligible schools in the Diocese, 71 in total
POI for me, potential to develop new links throughout the region
Exploratory work in influencing regional organisations
University of Nottingham
'Committed to having a positive and lasting influence on society'
UoN and TFEM have jointly commissioned research in to teacher supply/demand in Nottingham
We will co-present findings and recommendations to stakeholders in the city and nationally
Important for positioning ourselves in the landscape
Potential to become a model for mapping provision and driving supply
Pilot for other LAs in EM and nationally
Regional Team
Working with Ambassadors and schools to design sophisticated routes to POI
Regional hubs to develop pedagogy
Collaboration with Pathways to develop regional/national work on non-teaching Ambassadors.
Community approach to developing upward spiral of ER and supporter developments
Ambassador Network
New 1:1s, reporting structures, team meeting structures, 'internal' team identities created
More creative approach to team capacity for developing new functions
Shared Mission Engagement Days linked to strategic development work
New office, agile working, re-org...all ready to be maximised
Regional Ownership of ER
I need to affect the shift from central to regional ownership of ER contacts, notably MPs and media
Exploration of shifting the income generated by fees to regional innovations and developments
This comes with responsibilities to engage supporters and move to self-sufficiency, htis is to include service delivery
The IG Web
Fullhurst Community College
TFEM Network
TF Partner schools become a/the new network in the region, agreed MOU
Model of multi-org regional leadership
Clusters to reach 3-18 in priority
Intelligent staffing models for POI and PD
Position TFEM as ER function
RAB to bring together education, business, 3rd sector, public sector...
Innovations - Pupil Premium projects, summer projects, maximise ambassadors, sharing RAISE data
Priority Areas
Impact Goals 1 & 2
Increase the number of excellent teachers - widen development opportunities, combine retention and push for POIs & ambassadors leading PD
Build the TFEM Network - shared resources, Talent Development, ward-level strategies
Community teachers - revise PGCE, integrate best-practice, lead through AN and regional publications
Lincolnshire expansion - 36 Pri, >6 Sec
Impact Goal 3
Establish regional expertise and presence through 'The (Cultural) Life of the Child' summit series
Pilot employee as MAT Director to influence education in multiple schools
Partnerships with regional parent organisations to develop NQT year
Impact Goal 4
Continue partnership work (Stemnet, IA, East Mids IEP) to develop understanding at ward and school level
Develop work with with Fullhurst Community College to establish an AP Studio School in Braunstone, Leicester
Use TFEM Network to understand best practice and lead on regional developments
TFEM Five Year Strategic Plan

Special Measures to Good in three years

Goal 2 - Raising GCSE attainment
Goal 3 - Increasing well-being
Teach First participants shifted school culture

- Maximising relationships and reputation
Community centred school

- Exemplar to disseminate
Three ambassadors on innovative routes to POI

- Model for pathways development
- All Goals - adapt model for knowledge development
The Call to Adventure

Goals 1-5 - Community engagement in taking the school to Outstanding
- Developing cluster model together
Fullhurst AP Studio School

Goal 2 - Raising attainment for most vulnerable
Goal 3 - Creating pathways
Goal 4 - Increasing opportunities
Inspirational Head Teacher

- TFEM Network Leader?
- RAB?
Strong support network for beginning teachers
Strong Primary links

Goal 1 - Secondary supporting primary curriculum development
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