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Inventions along the Silk Road

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Haley Rozycki

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Inventions along the Silk Road

In 1300 B.C., China knew how to produce silk.

In the second century B.C., silk began to be exported to Europe.

The Chinese traded silk with the Roman and Byzantium empires. In return they received items such as: wool, glass, and asbestos.
Paper was first invented in China during 105 A.C.

It then showed up in; Chinese Turkestan in central Asia, the Arab world, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, southern France, and the rest of Europe.
Gunpowder was invented in 1000 A.D.

It then spreeded to Europe during the Mongol expansion of 1200-1300 A.D.

The use of gunpowder in Europe was first recorded in 1313.

Europeans used gunpowder for cannons, while the Chinese used it mainly for firecrackers.

Europeans were able to dominate China in the mid-to late-1800s with the use of cannons and guns.
Chinese invented the magnetic compass and used it for navigation in 1100 A.D.

Arab traders sailing to China learned of the Chinese method to sailing by using the compass and then returned to the West with the invention.
Porcelain is a type of clay pottery that was invented in China by using clay with special minerals.

Chinese porcelain was exported throughout the world, eventually the secret mineral ingredients were discovered by Europeans in 1709.
Inventions along the Silk Road
By: Haley Rozycki
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