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Cycling for libraries

A little Cycling for libraries presentation for Ann-Christin at Svensk förening för Informationsspecialister (SFIS, http://www.sfis.nu) spring-conference on 14th of April in Göteborg. Har det bra! More at http://www.cyclingforlibraries.org

Mace Ojala

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Cycling for libraries

Libraries Bikes + Two awesome, classic concepts What came we make of them? let's call it... And get going Hmm let's just mash them up
...and see what it lead to... CPH 28.05.2011 Køge Stubbekøbing Nykøbing Præstø Rostock Güstrow Waren Fürstenburg/Havel Berlin 07.06.2011 Professional unconference
minimal powerpoints (or prezis)
minimal auditorium sessions
networking Read SPLQ 1/2011 Register before 30.04. www.cyclingforlibraries.org Themes
library as an "export product"
open data
library as a public space
libraries in rural areas
communicating with users
libraries in the society
punctuation in MARC subfields ;) Party on 27.05.2011, välkommen!
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