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Mirror Neurons

No description

Mary Aquino

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons
By: Mary Aquino, Christian Romero,and Yandy Escobar
What are Mirror Neurons?
Mirror Neurons are a specific kind of brain cells that function when performing an action and when observing someone else actions.
Mirror Neurons are located in the Premotor cortex.
Mirror Neurons
Did you know that mirror neurons were discovered in the early year of the 1990s.
They weren't discovered in humans first ,but were found in monkeys.
Unlike regular neurons mirror neurons can put ourselves in someone else shoes while observing the person's actions.For example, we can feel empathy if the person's actions are sad.
Mirror neurons are connected to many of our behaviors and abilities.
What are Mirror Neurons? (Continue)
"Mirror Neurons are involve in understanding the actions of others. While observing the other persons' actions it triggers the mirror neuron system to generate a motor representation of the action."
The Premotor Cortex
"The Premotor cortex is the part of the brain that involves planning and executing movements."
Fun Facts
Many brain scanning studies shows that many regions of our brains are activated during both observing and doing actions.
Mirror neurons are usually associated with physical activities, however they might also be responsible for signaling the human brains' emotional system.
This is a diagram of a brain that shows each cortex including the premotor cortex.
This is a diagram that shows the Mirror Neuron System.
This picture shows how mirror neurons work.
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This picture shows more of how mirror neurons work.
This picture shows a doctor doing brain scanning studies on the person in the machine which is called an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
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