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5.4 Stop Maturing

No description

Mollie Dunnigan

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of 5.4 Stop Maturing

May Doctors Offer Medical Drugs and Surgery to Stop a Disabled Child from Maturing?
Case- 2003
Ashley X- Stopped from maturing

Severe brain disorder since birth, remains undiagnosed

Her condition:
Permanently unabled
Average adult size was expected
Average lifespan is expected
Overview of the Ashley X Case
How was Ashley affected through this?
Everyone wants the best for the wellness of their disabled child, but what exactly is that?
The idea of autonomy and respect for the persons involved
Helpful because her parents are her permanent caretakers?
Takes away her respect because she deserves her right as a person?
Are these treatments really increasing her quality of life or are they taking away from her life as a human being?
YES side of Ashley X Case
Her parents legal and ethical right to care for their daughter in their home
Her treatment:
Breast Bud Removal
Sizing for Wellness
*Improves her quality of life
and makes it easier to care for her*
NO Side of Ashley X Case
Making her more "abnormal"
Controlling her body

Can the actions of Ashley's parents be seen as selfish and not done benefit their daughter?
Are the treatments moral?
Removing reproductive organs: beneficial?
Remove chance of cramps and pregnancy
Remove chance of cancers
Removing breast buds
Chance of large breasts and breast uncomfort
Not needed if not going to be breastfeeding
Mind of a baby = Body of a baby?
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