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Carrer shadowing project

My trip with Mr. Harry Love

Charissa Karr

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Carrer shadowing project

MGL Engineers with Mr. Harry Love By Charissa Karr The purpose of MGL Engineers Were Mr. Harry Love sees his company in 15 years Employability skills in this job The avrage salary in this job Education needed in this job Technology used in this job Skills needed and used in this job I would not pursue this job because even though they work as hard as they can to keep the working eviroment clean it is still dirty and the air is filled with fumes. Also This company is having a very hard time surviving in the economy becuase very few people can pay for large machinery making this buiness risky because it depends on how much people are expanding. I liked the fact that every building has large fans in the back of the building to syphin out the dirty paint and sand filled air to keep the workers in the best working enviroment possible I disliked ______ in this job because Employability skills that Mr. Harry uses employablity skills that the employies use H het im righ there Things that Mr. Harry Love makes at MGL To be dressed proffesionaly
to wear closed two shoes
to be respectful to those both under and over him
to be on time for their shifts
to wear standard clothing(stuff to get dirty in)
to be respectful to those under and over them
Mr. harry uses email cellphones and small walkie talkies every day to comunicate with his custimers, suppliers and workers To build, sell and referbish large machinery for constructions such as conveyer belts every employie (except for the ressepionists) need a degree as a mechanical engineer the avrag anual salary for Mr. Harry is 250,000 i disliked the fact that the workers are creating
machines that greatly add to air pollution Large conveyer belts that move dirt
large machines that crush rocks
and machines that sepperate large rocks from dirt Mr. Harry dosn't see his comapny moving vary far in the next 15 years.
He hopes that it will grow however he is simply trying to outlive this bad ecomnomy. Mr. Harry needs to have good interactive skills with other people because as the owner of MGL he works with both the employees and the consumers One of the conveyer belts they are making One of the machines that they are referbeshing Two machines that crush rocks that are bein built to be shipped out to Nigeriea Parts of a conveyer belt that are drying A Handy Screen
it seperates dirt and rocks The area were thay build the basic frame of a
conveyer belt Mr Harry making a list
of things to do
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