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Macbeth Blood Quotes

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Erin Nyhus

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Macbeth Blood Quotes

"Make thick my
;/ Stop up the access and passage to remorse." (Macbeth Act I, V)


Lady Macbeth is saying this when she is about to kill King Duncan. She wants her blood to be thickened and to clog the veins so that she doesn't feel sorry for herself.
Quote #1
Quote #3
"Will all great Neptune's oceans wash this
/Clean from my hand?" (Macbeth Act II,I).


This quote was said by Macbeth after he had killed Duncan. He now feels guilty that he murdered him and asked to himself if all the oceans in the world could wash the blood/guilt off of his hand.
Quote #4
"Their hands and faces were all badged with
." (Macbeth Act II,III).


This quote was said by Lennox when King Duncan was killed. He seen the guards smeared with blood so he believed the guards had killed Duncan.
Quote #2
"The near in
,/ The nearer
." (Macbeth Act II, III).


This quote is said by Donalbain to his brother Malcolm after his father, Duncan has been killed. Donalbain was saying that they would probably be murdered too since their father did.
By: Erin Nyhus
Macbeth Blood Quotes
Quote #6
on thy face." (Macbeth Act III, IV)


This quote is said when the first murderer killed Banquo. Macbeth seen blood on his face and the murderer told him it was Banquo's and that he had killed him.
Quote #7
, cold, and resolute; laugh to scorn/ The power of man, for none of woman born/Shall harm Macbeth." (Macbeth Act IV, I).


This is told by the Second Apparition to Macbeth. It is of a bloody child and it tells Macbeth to have no fear of any person born a woman because they can't kill you.
Quote #8
-bolter-'d Banquo smiles upon me,/And points at them for his." (Macbeth Act IV, I).


This quote is said by Macbeth when he sees the last apparition of the 8 kings with images of Banquo's descendants. He is talking about how he sees Banquo with blood on his head looking down at him.
Quote #9
"Here's the smell of the
still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. O, O, O!" (Macbeth Act V, I).


This quote is said by Lady Macbeth as she looks at her hands while she is sleepwalking. She claims there is not enough perfume to get rid of the stench of Duncan's blood and the blood on her hand.
Quote #10
"Of all men else I have avoided thee: / But get thee back; my soul is too much charged / With
of thine." (Macbeth Act V, VII)


This quote is said by Macbeth to Macduff when they meet up with each other towards the end. Macbeth was telling him to go away because he already feels bad for killing his whole family.
Quote #5
"I see thee still/And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of
/ Which was not so before." (Macbeth Act II,I).


Macbeth is saying this right before he goes and kills Duncan. He sees a dagger floating in the air with blood on it. This represents the murderer he's about to commit and the guilt.
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