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Trans-Canada Trail

No description

Marissa Ho

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Trans-Canada Trail

The Trans-Canada Trail is used for people to hike, cycle , ski, canoe, horseback riding, and etc...
What is the Trans-Canada Trail?
Why Was It Built?
When Was It Built?
What Are The Benefits?
Where Does it Run Through?
Here are some pictures about the
Trans-Canada Trail.
The Trans-Canada trail is one of the world's longest networks of trails. The trail stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the arctic oceans.
The Trans-Canada Trail was built for Canada's 125th birthday.
It is a symbol of Canadian unity.

It was also built to show travelers the true beauty and heritage of Canada.

The Trans-Canada Trail was founded in 1992. But since our topic is Trans-Canada BC, we have to talk about BC. So, the British Columbia's Trans-Canada Trail was built in 1994.
The Trans-Canada Trail BC runs through the communities of Princeton, Penticon, Kelowna, Greenwood, Grandforks, Victoria Shawnigan Lake and Cowichan Valley.
British Columbia ;3
By: Ibukun,Ashley & Marissa
What is it Used For?
To keep a national legacy of Canada.
Health: Keeps Canadians fit!
Environment: Keeps nature intact.
Education: Learning about Canada's natural history
Economic Development: Provides tourists and jobs for trail
Many people come to BC to look at the natural beauty
Now here's a video
Oh hai dere...
Trans-Canada Trail
if u see this ur awesome!
Our Opinion
I think the trans-canada trail was a good idea so Canada has something unique about it's culture. I can't wait l it's finished! It's also like having endless parks.
I also think that the Trans-Canada Trail was a good idea because then everyone can have a chance to explore the outdoors, stay fit, and have fun in Canada!

Our Opinion
Marissa -
I also agree with Ibukun and Ashley. I think the Trans-Canada Trail is a good way to show travelers from other countries, our amazing places in Canada.
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