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MiCC Interaction Lifecycle

Interaction Lifecycle

Eric Bowling

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of MiCC Interaction Lifecycle

Improve Customer Experience
Improve Visibility into Operations
Improve Utilization
Reduce Costs
Expand / Consolidate
Advanced Marketing
Happy Agents
Increase Revenue
and Challenges
Mitel MiContact Center
Customer Interaction Lifecycle
Capture Traffic Where Traffic Lives
Provide Customers a Choice
Allow Agents to Multi-Task
Divert to Lower Cost Channels

1 - Choose Method of Contact
Provide Customized Service
Reduce Agent Interaction
How do you identify your customers?
Allow customer to receive the information they want how they want it
Eliminate Mundane agent activities
Divert calls from an agent

Do you have Self Service Today?
Bubble high valued customers to the top
Provide information to customers
Allow customers a choice to opt out
How do you treat customer when Agents aren't available?
Map to the highest skilled agent
Reduce re-queues
Reduce customer interaction time
How do you route to the correct agent?
Reduce interaction time
Improve quality and security
Keep it simple for the agent
What Desktop Applications do Agents Require?
Track why customers are contacting you
Understand agent training needs
Allow customers to be heard
Are you Allowing Feedback?
Track success and failure
Feedback to agents
Use empirical data to justify improvement

How are you measuring Success?
Align contact center with overall strategy
Maximize investment

How do you implement changes today?
1- Choose Method of Contact

Voice Calls
Voice Message in Queue
Social Media
2 - Identify Customer

Number calling in from (ANI)
Number calling (DNIS)
Entered Digits
3 - Offer Self Service

Interactive Voice Response
Check Ticket Status
Web Feature Parity!
How are your customers
contacting you?
2 - Identify Customer
3 - Offer Self Service
4- Queue
4 - Queue

Priority Routing
Informational messages
Full Service Interactive Voice Response
Manually intervene – oh yeah!

5 - Route to right Agent
5 - Route to right agent

Skills Routing
Availability Routing
Overflow - Interflow
6 - Interact
6 - Interact

Queue Whisper
Recorded Greetings
Screen Pops
7 - Follow-up
7 - Follow-up

Disposition Codes
8 - Measure
8 - Measure

Rich Real Time Views
Lifecycle Reporting
Flexible Reporting
Voice Documentation

9 - Improve
9 - Improve

YourSite Explorer
Interaction Contact Center
1 - Choose the Method of Contact
2 - Identify the Customer
3 - Offer Self Service
4 - Queue the Customer
5 - Route the Customer
6 - Interact with the Agent
7 - Follow Up
8 - Measure
9 - Improve
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