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Lake Karachay

No description

Holly Conlon

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Lake Karachay

Lake Karachay, Russia
Lake Karachay, Russia
Location of Waterway: Southern Ural Mountains in the Mayak Production Association
Source of Pollution
Nuclear Waste (point source)
Affects to the Population
There are 1.13 million people in Chelyabinsk (The area around the lake). The 1967 drought dried up part of the lake, causing the radioactive dust to blow across 900 sq. miles affecting half of a million people. Everyone around the lake was evacuated because the radiation was so dangerous.
Pollution Start
Mayak was dumping waste into the Techa River in the mid 40's but in the 50's they decided to put the materials into cooling vats. In 1957, the cooling system exploded sending large amounts of radioactive waste into the atmosphere. After the explosion they started dumping the waste into the lake.
Lake Karachay has been named one of the most polluted places on earth. Scientists have said that if a person stayed on its banks for more than one hour they will die. The radioactive material could seep through the ground into and underground reservoir into the Siberian Tobol, Irtysh, and the Ob river systems connecting to the Arctic Ocean. If it gets into the Arctic Ocean it could spread around the world.
Effects to Wildlife
All the trees within a 12 mile radius of the lake were killed within two years of the 1967 drought. The fish were all killed and nothing can live in it now. the lake is inhabitable.
Holly, Kayla, Noah
Size: 110 Acres
The Mayak Production Association used the Lake as a nuclear waste dumping site.
The dumping of nuclear waste into Lake Karachay started in the early 1950's.
During the 1967 drought, some of the lake dried up,creating banks of radioactive dust and sediment. The only way to prevent any radioactive material from spreading to the air or land is to fill the lake with concrete blocks. A large part of the lake has been filled. Only a small part remains.
Clean-Up Costs
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Up to 20 billion dollars
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