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Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Aswathi Nair

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Onshore Drilling
There are two main types of onshore drilling. There is percussion or cable tool drilling (they are the same). Percussion drilling is a method of constantly pounding bamboo shoots covered with metal bits into the ground. This method was first discovered by the Chinese 600BC, however was developed during the years. Cable tool drilling is the same as percussion however is just a different term.

Offshore Drilling
Where is Natural Gas Found?
Natural Gas is found under deep underground rock formations. Natural Gas deposits are also often found near oil deposits. Very large natural gas reserves are located in North America and Russia, with Russia being the main natural gas manufacturer. There are also big reserves in Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
What is Natural Gas?
Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that is made up of Carbon and Hydrogen. Natural Gas is formed when layers of plants and animals are revealed to powerful heat and compression over thousands of years. It is a very clean, safe, and one of the most useful forms of energy today. Natural gas might be considered a very dull gas; it is colourless, odorless, and shapeless. However we humans rely on Natural Gas for many reasons!
History of Natural Gas
Before Natural Gas was first discovered, the ancient Greeks were puzzled about anonymous fires which were actually created from natural gas (lightning). The Greeks thought that the flames was from god, and built a temple on the flame. A priestess that was also known as the Oracle of Delphi lived in the temple. She gave out prophecies that she claimed the flame has inspired. Unable to explain where these fires came from, they were often regarded as supernatural. It wasn't until about 500 B.C. that the ancient Chinese discovered the possible uses to these fires for themselves. Finding places where gas was escaping to the surface, the Chinese formed pipelines out of bamboo shoots to receive the gas, where it was used to boil sea water, so it was drinkable. The first recorded use of natural gas in a home was in Persia (now Iran) in 100AD. Britain was the first country to advertise the use of natural gas. Around 1785, natural gas produced from coal was used to light houses, as well as streetlights.
What Natural Gas is Used for
How Natural Gas is Extracted
The first step to extract Natural Gas from the earth is up to a team of geologists to identify where they think Natural Gas can be found.
Next a team of drilling experts would have to dig down where the Natural Gas is thought to exist. This can be a very risky process, because sometimes there actually is no gas in the area that has been drilled.

Facts and Figures
Natural gas is the cleanest form of energy and produces 45% less carbon dioxide then coal.
Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels.
The first natural gas well was drilled in 1883 in a field near Medicine Hat, Alberta
When natural gas is burned, it produces mostly carbon dioxide and water vapor
Natural gas is either found mixed in oil or is released from coal
Offshore drilling is much more risky then onshore drilling. This is because drilling onshore there is a platform (land), however offshore there is no platform so a platform will have to built before extracting Natural Gas. The most important tool to offshore drilling is the subsea-drilling template. This piece of equipment is used to connect the submerged well site to the drilling platform on the surface of the water. This tool look likes a cookie cutter, it contains an open steel box with several holes in it, and it depends on the number of wells to be drilled. This drilling tool is positioned above the well site, and usually lowered into the correct place needed, using satellite and GPS technology. A rather shallow hole is then dug, in which the drilling tool is paved into place. The drilling tool, fastened to the sea ground and attached to the drilling platform above with chains, permits for precise drilling to take place.
Natural Gas is used for many different reasons. As said above in the history section the Chinese mainly used natural gas to heat up water to drink. In the early days gas was only used to light streetlamps and some houses. However today we use natural gas to power our cars and homes. Since natural gas is cleaner than gasoline or diesel, many companies are selling natural gas-powered cars, trucks and buses. There are over 120,000 natural gas vehicles operating on American roads! As you can see once again we use Natural Gas for many reasons!
The current issues of the Alberta oil sand is that the process of extracting the oil is killing many animals. The cause of 1 3rd of canada's polution is due to the oil sands in Alberta. It also cause greenhouse gas pollution and pollutes the water. In the last two decades, oil sands emissions have more than doubled and they are guessed to double again by 2020.
What I think about the Extraction of Oil
I do think that some oil is needed in the daily life of a human being, however this much oil is too much. Rather then helping people this small action has caused millions of arguments around Canada and the world. It has also caused deaths not only for the animals but also for the humans working on this project. The emissions are very, very poisonous, and soon Alberta let alone Canada can be a very dangerous place for residents. I also think that because of these oil sands there has been thousands of more oil spills only in Canada! It also takes away the homes of many animals. This piece of large land can be used for a much more resourceful project. Such as homes, natural conservation area etc. These are only a few of my opinions on these oil sands. However, overall I really do not like the idea of the Alberta Oil Sands.
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