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Murder Mystery!

English conversation class, Korean high school grade 1. Lesson based on a murder mystery activity (original lesson taken from waygook.org)

Natalie Chang

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Murder Mystery!

English Conversation MURDER MYSTERY The death of Alfred Jameson The Case MURDER MYSTERY This is what we know: The events There were 6 other people in the house.
Nobody else entered or exited the entire evening. The Mystery Suspect #1 Suspect #2 Tiffany Jameson was the murderer! The very rich CEO of a large company was found dead in his office at 6:00am.

The police think he was killed between 1:00 and 1:30 this morning. There has been a murder Alfred Jameson
age 67 That evening, Alfred had been hosting a dinner party at his house. Who killed Alfred? We have 6 suspects. Tiffany Jameson

Alfred’s second wife.

An actress.

Aged 29.

Alfred Jameson’s son.

Does not work. Lives off his family’s money.

Aged 32. Oliver Jameson Victoria Chandler

Oliver’s fiancée.

A make-up artist.

Aged 27. Suspect #3 Frederick Martin

Alfred Jameson’s business partner.

Aged 62. Suspect #4 Cheryl Martin

Frederick Martin’s wife.

A housewife.

Aged 59. Suspect #5 Oscar Parker

Alfred Jameson’s butler

Aged 60.

Parker found Alfred’s body. Suspect #6 You are now the detective,
you must find the killer. I will give you the first set of clues. Choose 4 suspects and describe their motive. You now have all of the clues. You must decide: What is your evidence? Who killed Alfred Jameson? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Who was it? Do you know? Are you sure...? Motive:
She was pregnant and discovered her husband had a girlfriend.
She said she took strong medicine and went to sleep at 11pm... but no medicine was found in her blood.
Parker saw her in the kitchen at 1.45am. Tiffany Jameson Key Terms Footprints: marks on the ground showing where someone walked Murder: the crime of killing Suspects: the people we believe may be the killer Evidence & Clues: proof of what happened Motive: the reason WHY someone did the crime Detective: YOU! The person who looks at the clues and finds the criminal
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