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EU Panel

No description

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of EU Panel

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Interesting Fact's about Poland
Poland has been in the EU since May 1st, 2004. My GDP Per Capita is 13,647.96. There are 3 Representatives
The Winners
I Choose Montenegro over Macedonia
I Choose Albania over Bosnia and Herzegovina
I Choose Iceland over Turkey

Alex Tecza
HDI: 0.687

Lots of Land
Make lots of money off of Exports
Only have a few transnational issues

Not a good life expectancy
Not very many imports partners
By the Sea
Make a lot of money of of Exports
Has a stable Economy

Don't have the best Culture
Crime rate is high
Lots of Export Partners
Good Unemployment Rate
Good Life Expectancy rate

Do not have to work hard in school
Have high Carbon Dioxide from Energy
Low Carbon Dioxide from Energy
High GDP Per Capita
A lot of resources funded

Low Money off of Exports
Not very many Export Partners
Good GDP Per Capita
Very good Literacy Rate
A lot of Resources

No Surrounding Countries
Some Transnational issues

Lots of Resources
Big Export Partners
Sports will bring in people

Low GDP Per Capita
Crime Rate is higher than Icelands

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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