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queenie yuson

on 9 October 2012

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French Service Table Service most formal and elegant form of table service
food is cooked partially or completely in front of the guest and food is served in heated plates. the service employs 2 waiters cooking together:
the CHEF DE RANG or the principal waiter
and the COMMIS DE RANG or the assistant waiter CHEF DE RANG - takes the order, serves the drinks, prepares the food with flourish at the guests table and presents the food and the check for payment COMMIS DE RANG- takes the order form from the chef de rang and brings it to the kitchen picks up the food and carries same to the dining table, serves the food and as dished up the chef de rang, clears the table and stands ready to assist whenever necessary Finger Bowls
-are served with all the finger foods at the end of each course. it contains warm water and rose petals and lemon slices and set on a doily on a small plate.


all foods are served and cleared from the right side of the guest except bread , butter and salad. The Gueridon * Gueridon -
-movable service table or trolley from which food may be carved, filleted, flambeed or prepared, then reheated and served.

Soiled dishes are cleared only when all guests have
completed their meals. French Service Cover
1. napkin
2. salad fork
3. dinner fork
4. service plate
5. underliner
6. soup plate
7. dinner knife
8. Soup spoon
9. coctail fork
10. water goblet
11. wine glasses
12. bread and butter plate
13. butter spreader
14. dessert teaspoon
15. dessert fork -Food Service Procedures-
1. Greeting and seating of guest
2. opening of napkins
3. water service
4. bread service
5. offering and serving of Pre-dinner drinks
6. present menu
7. take orders( repeat orders)
8. correct cover/s
9. Serve food
10. clearing of table
11. offering and serving of dessert
12. offering and serving of after-dinner drinks
13. presenting and settling of guest check
14. bidding goodbye and thanking the guest
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