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What happens to sugar in a cup of tea?

Particle diagrams of sugar in tea- describe how sugar dissolves, explain difference between melting and dissolving.

mckay mcguire

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of What happens to sugar in a cup of tea?

so the process looks like this. sugar dissolves more quickly in HOT tea- the heat energy helps the sugar molecules separate. Stirring adds more energy
to help the sugar molecules
dissolve in the tea There is a limit to how much solute fits into a solution- so too much sugar won't dissolve. What happens to sugar in tea?
By John McGuire In liquids such as tea there are millions of particles with small bonds between each of them,so they can bounce off each other and move or flow. This is the basic
particle structure
for sugar This is the basic
particle structure
for tea In solids such as sugar there are millions of particles with stronger bonds so its bonds would need to weaken for it to move or flow. "tea" H2O crystals of sugar The sugar molecules
are dissolved in a solution of H2O and
tea one lump or ten?
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