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College degrees

No description

isabelle house

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of College degrees

My goal is to get a bachelor's degree so I have something to fall back on.
responsibilities and duties
You've got to study, if not you just might be a drop out.
You haft to have a high school degree. If not you may not get into the college you want.
In life must people don't have a college degree and that made a hard life for them. Some wish that they can go back to get one.
§College degrees§
One of many requirements is that you have money to pay for the degree.
Be prepared for what comes up when your in college, it might surprise you.
College degrees
by Isabelle House
Yes, I know that a college degree isn't a career, but don't know what I want to be. I really have my heart on a graphic designer, but I did that last year.
Is weather if you have a place stay at
To get any other degree you need a bachelor degree
for the images
and thanks
www.firstgenerationstudent.com for the information
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